Using the DemoGNG Applet   

After the Java applet has been launched, the DemoGNG main window appears. This window can be divided into four regions:

Figure 1: Overview

Network Model

The first part shows the actual algorithm. To select another algorithm or restart the current, click on the pull-down menu and choose the desired algorithm.

Figure 2: Pull-down menu with all available models

Figure 3: Example screenshots of the available models

Drawing Area


The drawing area shows the network for the selected algorithm.

Figure 4: Drawing Area

The geometric figure in the background of the area reflects the probability distribution. In every phase of the algorithm you can select a node and drag it to an arbitrary location within the drawing area. Additional information is displayed in the corners of this region:


General Options

This region contains the non-specific parameters for all algorithms. There are three kinds of interface elements: buttons, checkboxes and pull-down-menus.

Figure 5: Options for all models





Figure 6: Some examples for activated checkboxes.


Pull-Down Menus



Figure 7: General pull-down menus



Figure 8: Overview of the available probability distributions

Model Specific Options

This region shows the model specific parameters. Each time a new model is selected, the necessary parameters are displayed. For a complete description of the models and their parameters, please refer to Bernd Fritzke's tutorial, Some Competitive Learning Methods, also available as a Postscript version .