Journals and Neuroscience Data Bases

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Neural Networks/Computational Neuroscience

Neural Computation
Neural Networks
Network – Computation in Neural Systems
Biological Cybernetics
Journal of Computational Neuroscience
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks


Adaptative Behaviour
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing
Speech Communication

Other Journals of Interest

APS Journals Online

MIT Press Journals: Science & Technology
SIAM Journals
Springer Journals
Neural Processing Letters
IEEE – Journals Online
Neural Computing Surveys
BioMedNet -Journals
The Journal of Neurophysiology Online
Neuron Online
Cerebral Cortex
The Journal of Physiology
Neuroscience Electronic Journals
Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS) Preprint Archive
Molecular Vision
Optical Society of America