Artificial Neuron Instructions

Using this applet is straightforward, but a few points are in order:
  1. Simply enter numeric values in the neuron input, weight, and threshold text fields, and press <Enter> or click the Calculate button to update the neuron output and weighted sum.
  2. The text fields with a white background can be edited, while those with a grey background can not. However, you can scoll the grey (and white) text fields with your arrow keys to see more digits.
  3. By clicking on the activation function image, you can scroll through the available functions.
  4. By shift-clicking on the activation function image, a small dialog is displayed that allows you to change some of the function parameters.
  5. By pressing the <Tab> key, you can shift focus from one component to another.
  6. To see a legend, labeling the neuron elements, simply check the Show Legend check box.
  7. To clear the neuron fields and re-enable all of the text fields, click the Reset button.

  8. Finally, to see how the neuron can approximate Boolean function, click one of the AND, OR, or NOT buttons. Note: the NOT button disables input 2 and weight 2. They can be re-enabled by pressing one of the Reset, AND, or OR buttons.

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