Teaching Spiking Neuron Models

Spiking Neuron Models
Wulfram Gerstner and Werner M. Kistler
Cambridge University Press (August 2002)

If you are interested in teaching a course based on the book `Spiking Neuron Models', here is some Teaching Material.

Notes .

(i) The teaching material is neither self-contained nor self-explaining but requires explanations from the course instructor. For a deeper understanding of the topics, it is necessary to either read the text (Spiking Neuron Models, Cambridge University Press) or attend a course on the topic.

(ii) When I teach the material for beginning graduate students (mainly master students in physics, math, and engineering), I do all mathematical developments systematically on the blackboard. These developments therefore don't show in the power point slides.

(iii) In the master level class, the power point slides are mainly used to review material that have been covered in preceding sessions of the course.

(iv) I have used power point lectures based on the slides below for advanced tutorials, for example at the European Advanced Course in Computational Neuroscience in Obidos, Spain, and also at several other occasions.

Teaching Material, © Wulfram Gerstner.
You are welcome to use the teaching material for lectures if reference is made to the book: Spiking Neuron Models, Cambridge University Press.

Teaching Material - Introduction (Chapter 1)

Teaching Material Part I: Single Neuron Models (Chapters 2-5)
Chapter 2: Detailed Neurom Models
Chapter 3: Two-Dimensional Neuron Models
Chapter 4: Formal Spiking Neuron Models
Chapter 5: Noise in Spiking Neuron Models

Teaching Material Part II: Populations of Spiking Neurons (Chapters 6-9)
Chapter 6: Population Equations
Chapter 7: Signal Transmission and Coding
Chapter 8: Oscillations and Synchrony
Chapter 9: Spatially Structured Networks

Teaching Material Part III: Models of Synaptic Plasitity (Chapters 10-12)
Chapter 10: Hebbian Models
Chapter 11: Learning Equations
Chapter 12: Plasticity and Coding

If you want to browse through the book, here is the full book as html.